Getting to IMB

The address of the Université Bordeaux 1 is 351 cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence, France. This address covers the whole campus; within the campus, IMB is building number A33.

Probably the best maps and directions are located here. You can find directions in French to IMB from both the train station and the airport in Bordeaux. I have listed English versions below for your convenience.

Getting to IMB from the train station:

  • Tram line C, direction "Les aubiers"
  • Tram stop "Quinconces"
  • Change to tram ligne B, direction "Pessac centre"
  • Tram stop "Forum"
  • Continue along Cours de la Libération until you come to the big iron gate (you can't miss it) on your right.
  • IMB will be in the first classroom building on the right, just after the parking lot (building number A33).

Note that the above directions (in particular, taking tram line B) also suffice to get to IMB from just about anywhere close to the city center of Bordeaux.

Getting to IMB from the airport:

If you need to go directly from the airport to IMB, I strongly recommend taking a taxi. It's much more direct than any public transport possible. However, if your travel budget is really that frugal and you really have that much time, here are alternative directions:

  • Bus "Jet'bus", hall B
  • Bus stop "Office de tourisme"
  • Walk to the Place des Quiconces and catch tram line B in the direction "Pessac centre"
  • See above for further directions

Getting to the city center of Bordeaux

From the train station, getting to the city of center of Bordeaux is very easy by tram. As described above, line C goes directly to Quinconces and passes many of Bordeaux's famous landmarks (St. Michel, la Bourse, etc.) on the way. From Quinconces, line B goes south to the University, and passes many of Bordeaux's other famous landmarks (Grand Théatre, Cathédrale St. André, Place de la Victoire, etc.). My guess is that those of you arriving by train will not need to go far from one of these two tram lines.

From the airport, fortunately, connections are more convenient to the city center than they are to the university. It's still probably easiest to take a taxi. However, the "Jet bus" mentioned above goes to the central "Place des Quinconces", as well as to the train station and other points. For more information, see here.

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