(illustrative list of algorithms developed by the group)

Optimization approaches for industrial problems

  1. "Models and Algorithms for large scale stochastic optimization arising in electricity production planning"
    • PhD thesis: N. Dupin (2011- ...), supervised by P.Bendotti (EDF), A.Miller (Realopt), M.Porcheron (EDF), E.Talbi (Dolphin), and F.Vanderbeck (Realopt)
    • industrial partner: EDF R&D : OSIRIS
  2. "Re-optimization of train schedules after a network disruption"
  3. "Traffic grooming in optical networks: optimizing routing and wavelength assignment"
    • PhD thesis: B. Vignac (2010), supervised by B.Jaumard and F.Vanderbeck(extended abstract)
    • industrial partner: CISCO Systems
  4. "Simultaneous optimization of vehicle routing and inventory management"
  5. "Multi-criteria optimization of routes for collecting waste"
    • publication: O.Delmas, C.Gavoille, N.Hanusse, A.Pêcher, and E.Sopena (2006) (résumé)
    • industrial partner: Ecobox
  6. "Minimal cost meter installation for monitoring traffic in a network "
    • publication: Ph.Meurdesoif, P.Pesneau and F.Vanderbeck (2006) (extended abstract)
    • industrial partner: Inventive System Technologies
  7. "Optimal planning of delivery routes over multiple periods"

Previous industrial collaboration

  1. "Waste minimization in the multi-stage cutting process of films and photographic paper"
    • publication: F.Vanderbeck (Management Science, 2001)(WP.pdf)
    • industrial partner: Greycon Ltd, London, contracting for Kodak
  2. "Minimal cost multiplexer installation in fiber optic network"
    • publication: A.Sutter, F.Vanderbeck and L.A.Wolsey (Operations Research, 1998) (WP.pdf)
    • industrial partner: France Telecom R&D

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