• Hybride OpenMP+MPI
    • (Brice Goglin) Rolf Rabenseifner et al., Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Parallel Programming on Clusters of Multi-Core SMP Nodes, PDP2009. pdf
  • Multicore
    • (Brice Goglin) Jorge González-Domínguez et al., A Benchmark Suite for Autotuning on Multicore Clusters, IPDPS2010.pdf
    • (Olivier Aumage) Josep M. Perez, Rosa M. Badia, Jesus Labarta, Handling task dependencies under strided and aliased references, ICS 2010 pdf
  • Many-core/GPU
    • (Olivier Aumage) Long Chen; Villa, O., Krishnamoorthy, S., Gao, G.R., Dynamic load balancing on single- and multi-GPU systems, IPDPS'10 pdf
  • Réseau
    • (Alexandre DENIS) Network Fault Tolerance in OpenMPI, Galen M. Shipman, Richard L. Graham, George Bosilca, Euro-Par 2007 pdf
    • (Alexandre DENIS) Building Multirail Infiniband Clusters, Jiuxing Liu, Abhinav Vishnu, D. K. Panda, Supercomputing 2004 pdf
  • I/O
    • (Alexandre DENIS) I/O performance challenges at leadership scale, Samuel Lang, Philip Carns, Robert Latham, Robert Ross, Kevin Harms, William Allcock, Supercomputing 2009 pdf
  • Grille
    • (Alexandre DENIS) The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations, I. Foster, C. Kesselman, S. Tuecke. International Journal of Supercomputer Applications, 2001 pdf
  • Traces
    • (Olivier Aumage) Llort, G. ; Gonzalez, J. ; Servat, H. ; Gimenez, J. ; Labarta, J., On-line detection of large-scale parallel application's structure, IPDPS'10 pdf
  • Misc
    • GPU pour réseau
      • (Brice Goglin) Sangjin Han et al. PacketShader: a GPU-accelerated Software Router, ACM SIGCOMM 2010. pdf


  • Threads
    • (Alexandre Denis) Anderson et al., Scheduler activations: Effective kernel support for the user-level management of parallelism, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS)pdf
    • (Olivier Aumage) Eduard Ayguadé , Nawal Copty, Alejandro Duran, Jay Hoeflinger, Yuan Lin, Federico Massaioli, Xavier Teruel , Priya Unnikrishnan, and Guansong Zhang, The Design of OpenMP Tasks (IEEE TPDS)
    • (Brice Goglin) Fengguang Song, Shirley Moore and Jack Dongarra. Analytical Modeling and Optimization for Affinity Based Thread Scheduling on Multicore Systems, Cluster08 (pdf)
    • (Raymond Namyst) Bratin Saha et Al, Runtime Environment for Tera-scale Platforms, Intel Technology Journal, Volume 11, Issue 03, August 2004 (pdf)
  • Communications
    • (Alexandre Denis) Foster, I. and Kesselman, C. and Tuecke, S., The Nexus approach to integrating multithreading and communication, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing pdf
    • (Emmanuel Jeannot) Hu Chen, Wenguang Chen, Jian Huang, Bob Robert, H. Kuhn, MPIPP: an automatic profile-guided parallel process placement toolset for SMP clusters and multiclusters, 20th annual international conference on Supercomputing, pp 353 - 360, 2006 (pdf)
    • (Alexandre Denis) Sayantan Sur, Matthew J. Koop, Dhabaleswar K. Panda, High-Performance and Scalable MPI over InfiniBand with Reduced Memory Usage: An In-Depth performance Analysis, Proceedings of the 2006 ACM/IEEE conference on Supercomputing, (html) (pdf)
    • (Brice Goglin) Stavros Passas, Kostas Magoutis, Angelos Bilas: Towards 100 gbit/s ethernet: multicore-based parallel communication protocol design. ICS'09 (pdf)
  • Accelerateurs
    • (Cédric Augonnet) Volkov SC 08 : Volkov, V., and Demmel, J. W. Benchmarking GPUs to tune dense linear algebra, SC08. (pdf)
  • General HPC
    • (Brice Goglin) S. Williams, J. Carter, L. Oliker, J. Shalf, K. Yelick, Lattice Boltzmann Simulation Optimization on Leading Multicore Platforms, IPDPS08 (pdf)
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